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In a world where life has gone digital, marketing has to follow. Digital Marketing is one of the hottest fields in the world today, with tons of high-paying jobs available for skilled candidates. Designed by expert authors, our Digital Marketing courses combine high-quality training in SEO, Social Media Marketing, and PPC with practical advice to ensure professional success.

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Corporate Sales Certification

Corporate Sales outlines the best practices and processes for effective business-to-business (B2B) sales. It provides guidance on activities related to building strong business relationships; successfully working with other businesses to communicate the value of a company’s products and services; conducting effective negotiations; and ensuring lead generation, qualification, follow-up and other related activities.Corporate Sales certifications confirm […]

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Affiliate Marketing Expert

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing that rewards customers or partners (affiliates) for designated actions that help market the brand. Certified Affiliate Marketing Professionals help companies gain a wider reach for their products or services, which leads to a stronger company image or brand name.

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Email Marketing Expert

Certified Email Marketing Professional course is tailored to marketing specialists or enthusiasts wanting to understand how to use email as a marketing tool. Despite the growth of numerous online marketing channels, email marketing has remained one of the most effective channels for direct marketing to individual consumers and businesses. This course provides a comprehensive knowledge […]

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SEO Expert

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert Program is designed to transform you into an industry-ready SEO professional from day one. You’ll master the many facets of SEO, including keyword and on-page optimization, link building, content marketing and web analytics – and you’ll acquire extensive project experience to prepare you for managing inbound marketing initiatives. Certified SEO […]

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Social Media Specialist

A strong social media presence contributes significantly to the success of a company’s marketing strategy. The Social Media Specialist Program will transform you into an industry-ready social media marketer. It combines the disciplines of content marketing, SEO, and advanced social media to help you elevate your brand and execute compelling social campaigns. The Social Media […]

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Web Analytics Expert

Web analytics involves the collection, measurement, and analysis of web data to understand the impact of digital marketing activities on customers and potential customers.  Certified Web Analytics Professional course introduces marketing specialists or enthusiasts to the world of website analytics and how data-backed decision making leads to improved customer online interaction.

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Marketing Research Certifications

Marketing Research is the systematic process of collecting, processing and analyzing data to provide necessary information to decision makers. Marketing Research Certifications confirm a working knowledge of a framework for effectively conducting research that provides critical insights for decisions in all other marketing planning and strategies.

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Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing Certified Associate (DMCA) course is designed to help you master the essential disciplines in digital marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media, pay-per-click (PPC), conversion optimization, web analytics, content marketing, email and mobile marketing. Digital marketing is one of the world’s fastest growing disciplines, and this certification will raise your value […]

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