Recruitment Services

Since 2015, we have successfully met the needs of various clients, SMB enterprises and start-ups with a quality database of highly rated resources whose key skills are validated by our extensive industry network.

Resourcing On Demand

Vnnergy’s “Resourcing On Demand” (RoD) service has been successfully placing individuals in diverse functions since 2015 and, is proud to be considered a successful customer-partner by diverse clients in the US, UK and Canada. We can supply resources with the desired expertise levels to meet expectations of projects and support functions. Our USP is flexibility and an ownership driven model.

Contract Talent

We provide contract employees with proven experience, credentials and references to meet your business and project objectives without incurring the long-term commitment of a permanent hire. The expense of hiring a full-time employee can be overwhelming for strategic projects requiring expertise to achieve time sensitive milestones. There is more than just salary to consider – benefits, perks, and bonuses all add to the expense and liability

Full Time Placements

For positions requiring deeper long term strategic employee engagement, our customer partners often gravitate towards full time placements and our full time resource database has grown with resources clearly interested in full time positions or with a plan to transition to full time positions from contract placements. Our Full time resource management teams actively manage a database of vetted Technology and Healthcare professionals and consultants in a number of in-demand engineering and functional areas

Campus Hiring - Technology

For organizations hiring for new technologies like IoT, Blockchain emerging technologies, Campus hiring provides the best avenue to bring young professionals with sharp learning curves into the companies ecosystem. Our Campus resource management teams are experienced to vet and match fresh Technology professionals in terms of values and cultural match with hiring organizations as well as projecting the best image of organization.

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